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24 Hours a Day. 7 Days a Week. Always Available.

Emergency and Storm Damage

Professional Emergency Tree Removal & Storm Damage Professionals

Has a tree fallen on your property? Or has your tree fallen on someone else's property? E&E Tree Services offers 24/7 emergency response with a skilled and experienced team, fast and efficient service, and upfront, honest prices.


Storm Damage Cleanup

Our cleanup crews are able to respond to you quickly with the tools and equipment needed to get your yard clean any storm blows through. There's no need to worry about how you’ll be able to remove the hundreds of branches and debris all over your landscape. Our experienced crews know how to get your property back to a clean, polished look. No matter how extensive or how minimal the storm damage was, E&E Tree Services will be there—no job is too big or too small!


Call us now for emergency response - we are always available. 

757-634-6309 or 757-784-4564 

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