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Tree Removal: Not a DIY Job

Being in the tree business for over 40 years, we've seen family after family deal with shattered windows, smashed cars, downed power lines, and caved-in roofs due to fallen trees and branches. Some of the damage we've seen from fallen trees was due to a bad storm and forceful winds, and other times it was caused when a homeowner attempted to remove a tree themselves.

A quick YouTube search will reveal a ton of Do-It-Yourself Tree Removal videos gone wrong. You'll see homeowners accidentally dropping trees on their houses, cars, and even themselves. It’s not as simple as cutting a little wedge in the tree and eye balling it. Tree removal requires precise angle and height calculations. Even when the measurements are exact, trees don’t always fall in a predictable manner.

Tree removals should be performed carefully to ensure the safety of the surrounding people, structures, and environment. E&E Tree Services offers the highest quality tree removal, tree trimming, and stump grinding services at the lowest price possible without putting you, your family, your home and property, or your neighbors at unnecessary risk.


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