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Firewood Update - Low Stock

We no longer have enough stock to provide full or half cords of *only seasoned* firewood. Any firewood purchased from the date of this post will contain a 50/50 mix of seasoned and non-seasoned wood. All firewood will remain cut into 16-18 inch pieces and all is ready and able to burn. For the best results, we recommend starting your fire with seasoned firewood. Once the fire is rolling and the embers are glowing red, begin placing the non-seasoned wood in your fireplace or woodstove. The non-seasoned wood will burn slower than seasoned wood, providing a longer lasting and warmer fire.

We will remove this post when we can begin supplying orders of only seasoned firewood again. ​If you would like to know when we have sufficient stock to fulfill orders for 100% seasoned firewood please enter your email address here.

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